Stream Music to a INTEL NUC via netwrok or bluetooth

Hello to everybody.

I am running Opensuse on a Intel NUC connected to a TV set. I use it to play music films etc. I’m currently writing here since I need to explore the possibility to stream music to that computer. I’m going to try to explain better my concerns.

I have thousads of FLAC music files stored on a NAS and I can play them with the INTEL NUC running Open Suse flawlessy. NAS is configured via fstab and I use Pulseaudio and Clementine as music player.

Then I have a Tidal account and unfortunately TIDAL does not have a native application for linux.

With another hifi set up I have moode audio running on a raspberry and I can stream from my android phone (using the app bubbleupnp) to the raspberry my tidal stream. I’ve not been yet able to replicate that approach with the intel NUC running Opensuse.

I’ve already installed pulseaudio preferences and flagge the option “make discoverable pulseaudio network sound devices…” but honestly I’m stucked there. I have not found any guide to overcome this situation and so I decided to write this request, hoping someone will be able to provide some guidance.

thanks in advance


I read on moode-player / ** moode ** that moode is based on a “WebUI audio player client for MPD” and mpd is available:

S | Name                         | Summary                                                                   | Type 
 | mpd                          | Music Player Daemon                                                       | package 
 | mpd-doc                      | Additional Package Documentation                                          | package

Wondering what MPD was I found, does that help?

For that, see How to use Tidal on Linux.

Thanks, in the past I used Strawberry as suggested in the guide, but from the latest tidal release they remove the possibility to obtain the API token required by Strawberry. So apparently Strawberry is a dead end option today.

Summarizing better what I would like to have on my Intel NUC set up is this chain:


It works flawlessy with the other raspberrypi running moode audio. Moode Audio is a linux distro fully customized to play music from Raspberry to an externa HIFI system. It is perfect in that sense, but it does only that.

I tried also Rygel which is supposed to work a UPNP renderer but I could not set it up properly.

Looking forward to receive additional suggestion.


Trying to find out what BubbleUPnP is about, I found there is a BubbleUPnP Server, so I would I what you call “UPNP RENDERER” could be this BubbleUPnP Server

No package for OpenSuse so try either the Docker packager or try the generic Java platform instructions.

TW uses PipeWire by default. You need pipewire-pulseaudio package to use it with PulseAudio interface.