strange net restriction due to owncloud server

hi people

i come from alionet to you , to ask you a question

the fact is i own many pcs, two under opensuse (my laptop under tumble weed and my goood computer under leap) and another under xubuntu 14.04 which host an owncloud server i’m proud of (i’m new in network servers)

but the fact is now i canno’t access to ftp servers from the other computers, can only access web radios by firewall friendly playlists and so others problems like this

ooops my présentation : i’m french (i’m nor perfect :D), use mainly opensource and gnu software and loooooove linux since aurox live in 2006 which made me crash the system a lot before i understood how to install it :slight_smile: im’ part of a linux association in my town and do some animated movies and drawings

so then i really hope you could help me, i can pass some problems while doing http redirections but nothing sure

have a goood night


I have not used “OwnCloud”.

I do use NFS.

In my experience, there is a firewall port that must be opened on the NFS server for this. It’s an RPC port, so the port number might vary. At least in opensuse, opening that is part of NFS server setup.

Also, in my experience, it might be necessary to run the “rpcbind” service on both server and client.

hello nrickert

thanx a lot for reply. i go see on the net how to use it.
it’s late here (for me :slight_smile: ) and i go see this tomorrow but thanx a lot yet for reply