Strange Mate Activity

When I log in to mate session, it tries to open dolphin. And there is an endless list of attempts to open it. Is it conflicting with KDE? Also, I am noticing some icons imported from KDE into MATE … How to solve this issue?

Thank you.

Check your settings here

If you originally installed with KDE it may be set here to use kde options, which won’t help your situation. As Mate isn’t part of openSUSE, I’m not sure what option will be present for you…

Thank you. I am going to look through those settings.

First of all, my openSUSE install was with GNOME, then I installed MATE and the last was KDE. I have just logged in GNOME and there are KDE elements present as well. Why the KDE install changed the way the content is displayed in GNOME and MATE?

Sounds like your file associations are messed up.

Does this also happen when you create a new user and login as that? (YaST->Security and Users->User and group Management)

Normally they should coexist just fine.

It works fine with a new user! How to bring this behavior to the first user?

Thank you in advance.

As I said, your user’s file associations seem to be messed up, something is opened in dolphin that shouldn’t be.

I would start with trying to remove/rename the following if they exist: (if you rename them, you will be able to revert your changes later)

I don’t know whether GNOME/MATE use some other config files for that as well, but it’s at least a start.

I experienced this on 12.2, but didn’t experience it on my former 12.3 … haven’t installed the DE on 13.1

Incidentally, if you give it enough time, you will likely find that the dolphin tabs eventually start to close (fails to open) … but that process can take a LONG time

I didn’t think it was file association related, but rather figured it was config related. My in depth knowledge of GNOME is rather pitiful (let alone with MATE), so I never got very far in tracking the problem down.

The gtk2-theme-oxygen package caused the issue. Mate is super fast, so that’s why I have removed KDE for now.