Strange behaviour of the Enter key.

Running KDE on 15.2.

If you start an app from a desktop icon, then close the app, then move the mouse pointer to an empty area of the desktop, then press the Enter key, the app restarts!

If this is a feature and not a bug, could someone tell me how to turn it off? I can’t find anything in systemsettings/shortcuts, or in systemsettings/InputDevices/keyboard.


That’s probably a feature.

When you click on an icon, that is selected as the active element. Moving the mouse does not change that (but see below). So hitting enter becomes equivalent to clicking on it again.

This somewhat depends on how you have configured things.

Open System Settings → Window Behavior

The top item is “Window activation policy” and I think the default is “click to focus”. I personally prefer “focus follows mouse”. But maybe you should experiment with different options to see which works best for you.

Even if you have “Focus Follows Mouse” the Icon on the Desktop remains selected and, <Return> understandably results in that Icon being re-activated …

  • You have to either, actively deactivate the previous selection …
  • Or, in “System Settings
    ” → “Window Behavior” → “Focus stealing prevention level” – set to “High”.*=2]That settings seems to work for me – “Window Behavior” → “Focus Policy”: “Focus Follows Mouse - Mouse Precedence”.