Still no thumbnail previews in dolphin

Using TW has been a nightmare trying to find out from different sources what “extra” software I need to configure KDE. I still have no thumbnails in dolphin. All I get are icons of pictures, texts etc. I have tried looking in several places for preview checkboxes in dolphin in the applications menu, context menus and other places. I have loaded all the thumbnail software available in the one-click area. Still no thumbnails. Can anyone tell me how to get thumbnails in dolphin like other versions of KDE from Manjaro or Neon or even (God-forbid) the gnome desktop does? Thank you.

Hmmm, GNOME works OOTB :wink: I guess I can try and help, is kio-extras5 installed, that seems to be the one that has thumbnailers…

Thank you for the help. No it’s not installed. I installed it and rebooted, alas, still no thumbnails. I’ll keep trying.

Can you create a test user and login as that test user, does the the thumbnail function work? If so then it’s as your user, probably a config file needs moving/deleting…

making a test user does work. What then do I do? thanks for your help!!

Hopefully a Forum Plasma user will advise more… but at least identified :wink:

Means dolphin’s settings is enabled by default.
Why not go to the dolphin settings and in the preview click the default.:wink:

If that doesn’t work you may check ~/.config/dolphinrc
The preview settings here (15.2) are this:


You can compare the working / non-working settings of your both users. Any differences?