Steam tinker launcher no menu options

so i have steam tinker launcher installed via proton-up and i have it set as the compatibility tool to run with beyond two souls also i have all the dependencies installed and no launch options i launch the game i get a notification on the bottom right that says loading beyond two souls with stl and then a small tray icon that seems to pop up then disappear immediately and no stl options menu ever appears no matter what i do it just boots into game like normal.

It would help if you could use punctuation in your threads at all….

Your description lacks all of the informations how you installed these 3rd party tools. But according your description, you did not read how to open the settings menu:

Additionally you should ask at the communication channels of the devs of this 3rd party tools.

In fact punctuation matters. It helps to clearly describe a problem so that potential helpers are able to understand your problem and may be able to help you. 88 words without full stops and commas appears like plain gibberish and not like a problem description.

No, you did not. In fact proton-up can be installed in different ways which need other preconditions and adjustments. It can be installed via Appimage, Flatpak or compiled from source…


@deathgaze2497 Forum staff and users are getting little frustrated again!! Are you using a online translator if English is not your first language?

im confused? and im also pretty frustrated i just want help but ok. is my language not appearing as English or something? do i need to translate my language to another one? also may i ask why my last post here was deleted? all i did was simply correct what i was asking and i apologized for my poor grammar and stated that as a community we should all work together? i just dont want to upset anyone and i would like help with my issue?