stderr: volume group has insufficient free space

This is from an install.
I have no idea why the extents are off by one (or how to fix that).
I used the LVM in the GUI for partitioning.

Please add a bugreport for Leap 15.3.

What logs do I need for a bug report?

As root, run the command:


That will save what is needed into a file (under “/tmp”) and will tell you the name of the file created with those logs.

In the bug report, you can then upload that file as an attachment to the report.

Was your installation on a disk that was partitioned by Windows long ago (>3 years)? (That’s what could be causing misalignment, a very old version of Win10 or some earlier version of Windows may still exist on the disk or originally formatted the disk and is now gone).
Are you installing openSUSE into free, unpartitioned/unformatted space or on to an existing file system? (Don’t. Use some utility to remove the file system)