statistical software as server

I’m looking for statistical software as server (not desktop).
being used with opensuse, I checked several packages, but only few are available for opensuse or tested/used with it.

Apache Zeppelin
Jupyter => through Anaconda: ok
Rserve; ok
Anaconda: should be working

I was especially looking into:
**openCPU **(no binary, rpm script based on fedora found but not all equivalent opensuse software used by the script)

Linked to this, I didn’t see any success on installing **spark **on opensuse

Are there also pointers to statical/science opensuse users & software?

I regularly install Elastic on openSUSE (all versions, but I stay away from TW to maximize reliability), if you’re talking about apache spark which would be an option deploying hadoop/hive/pig.

“Statistical software” is pretty broad.
You’ll have to define what you’re looking for… You’ll find posts in these forums about installing Anaconda and Matlab, there is a Science repository

In general,
Sometimes with some required tinkering I’ve been able to install most RPM or source-based mathematical, plotting and analytical apps on openSUSE, and there are a great many out there besides what is in the OSS.