Starting a User KDE Desktop Remotely with login via SSH terminal – suse 12.3

Some assistance is kindly sought:

I would like to start up a user KDE desktop, by remote – say via ssh connection.
That is - perform a user login to start up a user KDE desktop on a given machine, that is remotely located - as if I were logging in at the local keyboard / monitor via the KDM log-in screen.
Not actually concerned at viewing given desktop remotely via SSH / just want to start it up, such that it starts in normal way.

Is it possible to do this, with just a simple command line, after logging in as user via a SSH terminal ?

Just to possibly clarify above:
Using startx – which apparently needs to be run as root as a constraint in anycase, such as
startx /usr/bin/startkde
the KDE desktop will start – But the resultant KDE desktop is then root – not as logged in as a SSH terminal user.
The solution sought is – how to do this such that the actual “user” desktop starts ?

If you have DISPLAY= set properly and are ssh:ing from a Linux box you can just run startkde as a normal user.

You’ll naturally need to have X11 forwarding enabled on the server ( /etc/ssh/sshd_config -> X11Forwarding yes ) and ssh with ssh -X user@server, then run startkde.

What platform is the client machine?

Windows? Linux? Mac?

Dear Miuku,
Thanks for the above tips – issue has been now resolved.