StarTech SATA SSD Enclosure - How to enable TRIM?

Hello all! I’ve purchased a Startech SATA USB enclosure with TRIM support, to use an SSD in. The model is (S251BPU313), USB-A cord version.

How do I check if TRIM is enabled for this drive, or get it working and set it to auto?

@C96Cyrix Hi, so if you run (as root user) smartctl -a /dev/sdXwhere X is the device, do you get output? AFAIK it’s dependent on the chipset used in the enclosure…

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This is the output I get from terminal / Konsole running the command:

@C96Cyrix so it shows TRIM Command: Available, deterministic, zeroed is it always connected to the system, if so the trim service will take care of it AFAIK. Else just look at running manually?

It’s planned to be semi-perma attached to the system, but may still have occasional disconnect when running on laptop battery.

What’s the manual command? :slight_smile: Thank you!

@C96Cyrix so it has to mounted somewhere, then fstrim -v /mountpoint

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Thank you for helping me! <3

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