Start Nautilus from terminal as Root in GNOME

Hello. After more than ten years, I got back to GNOME where I started using linux - started using OpenSuSE (9.1 Proffesional). One of the strange thing for me (I didn’t use it at my very beginning) is how to start Nautilus from Terminal as root. In KDE was like this: “kdesu dolphin” (for dolphin).

How it goes now with Nautilus?

Thank you for answer my question.

I believe gnomesu nautilus should work

As gogathorpe says, but it is not Dolphin vs. Nautilus, it is KDE vs. Gnome what you experience. (Starting Dolphin from Gnome would also require gnomesu.

And it is all here:

I did what you suggested. But now I can not create new files in folder htdocs and subfolders. I only can copy existed files, and then rename, change an save it. How can I get permission to create files?

Thank you for answering my quesstions

Hi, to open apps as root in gnome I use su -c "app-to-open" in the menu option, and I edit the gnome menu with menulibre because alacarte doesn’t work when the command has spaces, using *pkexec *rather than su -c works too

In terminal both ways works

I’m not sure what your issue is
where is this htdoc folder located?
somewhere in / ?
if it’s in your home you don’t need root access to read it
if it’s in another user’s home you might have write issues, root should be able to write to it unless it has read only access any way root can change said access unless if it’s on a network drive in which case being root makes no difference

Complete “address” of htdocs folder is /srv/www/htdocs It is on my computer. I access to it with root password, but can not make new files, just to copy them, edit and rename to be new. After I restarted computer, right-click in this folder gives option “New”. What can i do to make right-click to give me option “Newdocument.txt” (instead of “”) that can be opened in kwrite, gedit or similar text editor?

Thank you for answering my questions.

In GNOME-based systems, the key to expanding your options lies in the “Templates” directory inside your home folder.

Simply open a program you want to have available for right-click creation, save a blank file with the name you want to see in the menu (like “Text file” or “New GIMP image,” for instance), and save it in the Templates folder.