Start menu taskbar gone

Good day

sorry um Iam stuck lol

i turned on my box and my start/taskbar is like gone

um how do I get it back ?

the one thing I noticed on start up it says
“error getting immou info is the immo enabled
error initializing immouv2
Device 1002:9074 not added due to errors”

um help lol?

Is your desktop KDE ? Assuming it is, and assuming your KDE behaves similar to my openSUSE-15.0 KDE desktop, then try this :

Right click on desktop and unlock widgets (assuming its the ‘application menu widget’ that is missing’. Note you can also add panels this way.

Right click on desktop again (or right click on lower panel and select “Panel Options” ) and select “Add Widgets” .
Above shows my desktop (link is here if above does not show: ).

Scroll down to “application menu” and drag it to the lower panel to the location where you want it.

Then once happy, be certain to again right click on the desktop and ‘lock widgets’.


sorry Iam useing mate desktop if I right click I have create folder , create launcher , create document, organize by name , keep aligned-!: change desktop back ground

I read it a bit different, i.e. that the entire panel is gone. If that is the case, right click in the desktop, unlock Widgets, right click again, Add Panel > Default panel, and you should be back in business

Lol yes like the entire thing is gone I just got desktop icons … that’s it
and I don’t see anything about any widget or word widgets

That’s because I assumed wrongly that you ran KDE Plasma5

I’ve never used ‘mate’ desktop. I have read of Ubuntu users using that desktop. Does this link provide any recovery hints? -
… or …

It looks as if a recent update broke MATE. And that seems to be your problem.

You should be able to login to Icewm. From there, you can run Yast Software Management.

Search for “mate-menu”.

You will need to revert 3 packages to the version in the main repo, instead of the updated version (which is in the update repo). Those are “mate-menus”, “mate-menus-lang” and “libmate-menu2”. For each, click on the “Version” tab, and select the version from the main repo.

That should get you back to the desktop before that update.

If that works, you might want to then lock those packages (right click in Yast Software Management) so that they are not accidentally updated.

Then I hope a MATE user will file a bug report so that this is fixed quickly.

Yayyyyyy thanks a lot nrichert that worked

how do I pull a bug report or something to try help and so u guys can perhaps see what happened exactly?

That would be where you can use the credentials you use here to login. Report the bug against Leap 15.1, provide as much info as you can, f.e. a URL to this thread.

Ok cool

thanks a lot u guys are an awesome help thanks alot

I have reported this as Bug 1149132 Patch openSUSE-2019-2028 broke MATE

ok thank you

is there any logs or commands that you want me to run and post the results of that would perhaps help?

Let’s wait and follow the bug report. We can see if anything is requested there.