Starcraft II-particles are red squares

For a while, SC2 was working as it would on Windows, but tonight when I was playing all the particles in the game were red squares, and I had to set the game on low settings to see the action sometimes.

All relevant informations are missing…

  • which emulator/software are you using to play SC2
  • hardware (Nvidia, AMD, Intel, …)
  • hardware drivers (proprietary, open, version, …)
  • Tumbleweed snapshot

Bottles, Soda Experimental 8.0

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT

kernel-firmware-amdgpu is version 20240115-1.1, libvulkan_radeon is version


Where do you have this from and how did you install it as bottles is not available in any official openSUSE repo?

Additionally it can be seen at your driver version that packman is involved. Did you perform the complete vendor-switch?



Do you actually read stuff before posting? Experimental and home repos are no official openSUSE repos.
And even semi-skilled ppl should know that it is bad to recommend experimental and home repos… :roll_eyes:

And please don‘t add bad advice to a thread where the TO used the software from other sources (flatpak).