Star Office ?

What ever happened to Star Office? I haven’t seen anything in a couple of years. Since version 8 nothing.
Sure miss it.

You can buy it in stores if you want to purchase a copy - a bit like buying SLED if you need it.

StarOffice <> is a commercial
application (you can BUY it, still)…

most of the StarOffice code base was released to open source and a great
application suite was born…you may have heard of it as,
if not you should give it a try…it is available through YaST… :wink:


Thanks Denver,
I did purchase it a couple of years back. I just thought it was better than OO. But it hasn’t had any updates since I bought it. I guess they’re igmoring it in favor of OO. :frowning:

Thanks, Ron

> I did purchase it a couple of years back…But it hasn’t had any
> updates since I bought it.

i think maybe you have been misinformed…it looks like (depending on
which architecture you run/purchased) the latest update were:

StarOffice 8_x86 update 11 Jun/05/08
StarOffice 8 (Solaris) Update 11 Jun/11/08

what i don’t know is if your purchase included lifetime upgrades (or you
have to buy a renewable subscription) nor do i know if you would have to
install each upgrade in turn (or just pop the latest on top of what you

good luck…
me, i’m gonna keep crowing about how GREAT OpenOffice is…

Thanks Denver,
Wish I were there.:smiley:

I found my install for Soffice8, it’s update #2. I guess I was thinking that there would have been update notices like OO does.
I wonder if SO8 is as updated as OO is?
Thanks again

Sun owns both OpenOffice and Star Office. They use the same base. So when an update gets applied to the OpenOffice core code, it becomes part of the next Star Office release.

Students and academic institutions also qualify for a free Star Office license.

Novell/openSUSE’s version of OpenOffice is also considerably improved over the normal OpenOffice releases. Not many people seem to know that.

StarOffice 8