Stable NVIDIA proprietary driver 555.58 just released

Lets hope they hit the repos rather fast :smiley:

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@Teroh Hi, once it gets to the “Latest Production Branch Version” it should appear…

Or install the hardway…

Thu Jun 27 10:20:24 2024       
| NVIDIA-SMI 555.58                 Driver Version: 555.58         CUDA Version: 12.5     |

I’m not doing it the hard way, thats for sure.

I thought openSUSE is responsible for the NVIDIA repo. NVIDIA just hosts it under their CDN.

So are we stuck until 560?

@Teroh Correct, but the maintainer follows the branch mentioned… you can always keep an eye on the repo here

Lets just hope they make an exception for the much anticipated 555 or create a new branch or something.

Having to wait another 3 month’s for Explicit Sync would be aweful now that everything else is here and this was the last puzzle piece.

Hello, I was hoping to be able to get back to tumbleweed with the full release of 555, but I’m a little unclear what’s meant about the time frame for when it will be in the repository. Am I correct in understanding what was said above to mean it won’t be considered for addition until 560 is released, and 555 will never make it to stable?


@patrickRx Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
AFAIK, whatever hits “Latest Production Branch Version” from here will

Thank you for the welcome!

I see what you’re saying with that link, good to know!

Thanks again.

Hello, iirc Gnome 46 and above will support explicit sync via the new Nvidia drivers V555. Are there any plans to backport any of the new Gnome and Wayland enhancements back to Leap 15.6 with Gnome 45 in order to use it with V555 + explicit sync under Wayland?

@Sturmlocke Hi, I very much doubt it, best to ask on the openSUSE GNOME Mailing List or openSUSE GNOME IRC/Matrix channels.

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Thanks Mal, will ask around in IRC or the mailing list. Cheers

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