Stable kernel repository for 15.4?

Hi. Since I maintain a couple out-of-tree device drivers, when I was running Leap 15.3 I used kernels out of Kernel:/stable:/Backport/standard since they’re more recent. This ostensibly lets me find and address problems before customers encounter them on their machines. I upgraded my dev machine to 15.4 yesterday but I’m still running the stable 5.18.10-lp153 kernel from the aforementioned repo. The “-lp153” suggests these are built using 15.3 tools and may at some point stop working on 15.4.

I see Kernel:/stable/standard/x86_64 but the filenames within give no indication what they target (I’ll hazard a guess that they’re TW-specific?).

Is there a stable kernel repo specific to 15.4?

Thanks much!

As far as I know,it is still the same repo that you are using. The kernels there should be good for both Leap 15.3 and Leap 15.4

That’s good news. Thanks for the confirmation!