ssmtp rpm?

I am looking for an application named ssmtp for opensuse. searching under Yast reports no such package.

I’ve seen others refer to installations of ssmtp done under 13.1. I am new to the package mgmt aspect of opensuse so I have some questions:

what is the definitive way to search for a package built for opensuse?

what are alternative ways to install an application besides going through yast? (I tried zypper and got a message that said “system management locked by PID…Yast”

how can I find packages that may have been built by others but not on the site yast searches?

YaST > Software Management and zypper can only find packages that are in repositories you have.

The best way to search for software that is ready for installation in a repository you do not have is using:

I did not check if the software you are after can be found there, but you should be aware of this site in any case.

It looks like although there are currently maintained packages for various distros(eg Arch, Debian, maybe others), it’s available for openSUSE only in a private OBS repo

Although there are builds for 13.1 and Tumbleweed, I’d expect the Tumbleweed versions would work on any other version of openSUSE.

For info how to configure, there is an ArchWiki

But, keep in mind that the original source has not be modified since 2005.
Although this is supposed to be <secure> and <simple> and it very well may be, I don’t know of many 2005 apps that are still secure today, so it may be worthwhile to review how secure it still is, and whether it needs help (eg a proxy server).