sshd allowing access without password

I just ran an update and then enabled sshd. Quite surprisingly, I was able to get in without being prompted for a user password. Is this normal? How can I configure sshd to require a password? Password authentication is already set to yes.

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I would guess you have uploaded your user ssh keys to the system your connecting to? Check in the remote user ~/.ssh directory for an authorized_keys file containing the local systems ~/.ssh/id_*.pub key as a line entry starting with ssh- and ending in your_username@host.

Hello, thanks for your reply, I’m still pretty new to opensuse. So, the user/.ssh folder is empty and I also have set PubkeyAuthentication no. Shouldn’t it be asking for a password, whether there is a key or not, unless I specifically configure it not to?

Check logs.

I have just done an “ssh” into my Tumbleweed system (using a public key). There’s a log entry for that login. Here it is in “/var/log/messages” and in the output from “journalctl -b”.

Thanks for the tip on checking messages, message says password accepted. I found the problem on the client app’s side, client app stores “connections” and “identities”. I made a “connection” configuration just now using an old identity, probably from many months or even a year or so ago. The old password was stored in the identity and happens to be the same, so it was letting me in without me having to type it. Thanks for your help, sorry for this silly mistake but I was pretty concerned when I seemed to be getting in without a password or key.

I can understand that fully:) and am happy that it is not a real bug that would involve all of us.