Speed: Windows vs Opensuse

Hello Knurpht,

Thank you for your message. My post has been moved without my agreement.

It was originally a response from :


The title was also changed by an administrator of this forum.

I asked what my post was put in his place without success. I Regrete this makes me think that I’m not free to publish here as I see fit … If this is the case, I will not be here in the future.

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Look this :


Good day to you.

I see, I went to see the referenced thread.
The last part of your post looks like you are indirectly hinting the OP of the original thread
about the cause of the slowness is, might be of a driver issue.If it is might be worth returning your
post to that thread.:expressionless:

You’re nice, I fear that you have understood. The discution was not started by me.

I responded to the post:


My answer has been moved here by a site administrator, which can create ambiguity …

I was only briefly give my opinion about windows and linux while talking about what prompted me to get away from paying solutions and adopt linux.

I put a link on the orriginal post.

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Ahh, now its clear. I guess James just made a mistake. No big deal. The two threads, as conram suggests, should be merged

OK, done…