Speed to connect


Running Opensuse 11.1 on an HP laptop. When I resume from hibernation or standby, I usually have to wait for about a minute for the wireless card to find my router. Is there any way to speed up this time to connect process ?

Interestingly when I boot from cold, the wireless connection is most times ready to go as soon as the boot has finished. So just wondering how I can make things quicker for resume from standby or hibernation



I am afraid that I can’t offer you the helpful kind of help but I do notice the same kind of thing.

Which GUI do you use; for me it seems that Gnome is a bit faster than KDE (although that may be an illusion…with the Gnome widget, you see something happening when it tries to authenticate, with kde you only see when it has succeeded). And, for me, the time with kde is a bit variable.

This ‘problem’ (I’m not sure how much of a problem it is) seems worse with the late KDE 4 NM, where the earlier version was probably faster to connect, but far less reliable.


Yes, I use Gnome too. I have no experience of using KDE. I thought this may be a “feature” of wireless communication, as my Dell Vista desktop also experiences a similar delay. Though my daughter’s HP Vista laptop connects instantly from hibernation on the same router. Just can’t work out what the differences are.

Yes, I am sure that it is a ‘feature’ of wireless communication, or at least a feature of wireless communication with encryption/authentication, which I am sure is the core of the problem.

I think that when KDE comes out of hibernation, wireless tries to reconnect early in the process, but does it rather slowly. If it takes a bit longer to get logged back i, wireless may have reconnected by the time that you have logged back in. So, in that case, the time to log in seems to be the problem, but the wireless part doesn’t :wink:

OTOH, with Gnome, the reconnection doesn’t seem to start until you have actually logged back in, which occurs relatively quickly. Then the reconnection to the wireless occurs relatively quickly, but all of that time is exposed to scrutiny by the user, and it seems like a relatively long time, because you are just waiting and watching.

On resume from hibernation, my wireless is slower to re-connect on encrypted/authenticated sessions (I use WEP, and cannot speak for WPAn). Unencrypted sessions recover/reestablish somewhat quicker, although the casual observer may not notice.

One significant difference I have noticed is between dynamic and static IP addresses. Recovery with a static IP (i.e.: you are always the same address on your network) is noticeably quicker (provided another user has not dynamically acquired your previous static IP address). Dynamic IP addressing recovery may take longer, as the (newly-obtained) IP-address must be reconciled with your running Network Manager.

As for resume from “Standby” (aka “suspend to RAM”), my 11.3 (and 11.2) laptops just hang, requiring a hard boot. 11.2 hangs with a flashing caps-lock (kernel panic?). 11.3 (RC1, RC2 and GM/Final) just hangs. The hangs do not seem related to wireless access.