spamassassin, installing dcc

openSuse 42.3


search dcc

click on “dcc”

click on “opensuse 42.3”

click on “display unstable packages”

in line “server:mail” click on “1 click install”

this must open a windows inviting you to do a 1 click install with yast. select it then ok

then follow the assistant

Modify /etc/mail/spamassassin/, add:

# dcc
dcc_home /var/lib/dcc
dcc_path /usr/bin/dccproc
dcc_timeout     10 
add_header all  DCC _DCCB_: _DCCR_

Modify /etc/mail/spamassassin/v310.pre, uncomment:

loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DCC

Check your Spamassassin configuration

in root console execute

spamassassin --lint

with service management tool
activate and start dccifd
check dccifd started with no error

stop and start spamd
check spamd started with no error

in root console execute

cdcc info

check there is no error

these comments does not indicate any error. it indicates your pc does not act as a dcc grey server. that is correct.

# *,6276                                   
#      not answering
#  ::1,6276                                         
#      not answering

inspired from

i forget an important info

with kmail anti-spam installation assistant you have the choice to use

  • spamassassin (perl executable)
  • spamc/spamd (spamassassin daemon)

by default

  • spamassassin in kmail spamassassin filters installation
  • spamd yast installation

does not execute any network check thus does not execute in particular dcc , pyzor , razor.

why executing network checks ?

If you don’t then you must wait for spamassassin learning 3000 spams and 3000 hams before to be efficient ! one or 2 years or more for a personal use !

How to activate network checks ?

if you use spamassassin in kmail filter
in kmail filter “spam detection”
search the statement

     spamassassin -L

then delete “-L”

if you use spamd via spamc in kmail filter
in /etc/sysconfig/spamd file
search the statement

     SPAMD_ARGS="-d -c -L"

then delete “-L”
restart spamd with yast service management tool