sound skips

hi im using opensuse 11.1 x64

it is working out great. only issue is that occationally the sound skips when listening to music or any other sound source.

it happens in amarok, banshee, firefox when loading youtube videos etc.

i am not sure exactly why this is happening and it appears to happen at random times (maybe once a minute it skips like half a second)

it doesnt really matter if i am opening an app or if it is just sitting idle. it is a pretty fast computer anyway. i am not really sure how i can troubleshoot this at all.

using kde4, all packages up to date. i have an audigy 2 zs sound card. sounds great other than the occational skipping that is happening in opensuse. doesnt happen in my widnows vista dual boot or in previous linux installations i had installed.

any ideas?

After removing all the Pulseaudio rpm’s my sound had never played up since. Worth a try :wink:

Try disalbling special desktop effects, and disabling 3D. Then in your applications, where appropriate, switch your output video mode from “x11” to “auto” or to “xv” (xvideo). Also consider switching your output audio mode (where appropriate) to “alsa” (to connect direct to the alsa api).