Sound quality

I wonder whether there is a away to improve the movie sound. For example when I watch trailers on imdb Hugo Trailer (No. 2) - IMDb the sound is simply astonishing, is there anyway to improve the sound in the videos to that extent?
I use vlc for playing videos.

Why vlc?
It plays fine in the web flash

Same here (FireFox).

You misunderstood me :slight_smile: I never had a movie with such an excellent sound quality as for example in that trailer. So my question was, is ithe problem the dvds quality or maybe vlc, because I use vlc to watch movies on my pc.

Some have found installing: vlc-auot-pulse
Can help
Check your audio settings here in vlc:
Try different settings

I mostly use SMPlayer for movies
VLC for DVD’s

Will play around with those setting, thanks. You probably meant vlc-aout-pulse though

Sry doublepost.

Yes. My typo