Sound not working in VLC

Just i install opensuse Tumbleweed on Macbook pro 13” Mid 2012 And i add packman then I delete vlc and install again. I don’t have sound in VLC. I try mpv and smplayer also no have sound
In firefox when open youtube website I HAVE SOUND
sound in the multimedia not working.

Can you check with pavucontrol-qt (KDE-only; use pavucontrol-gtk, if you’re using Gnome) whether your VLC audio stream is visible to PulseAudio?
In KDE/Plasma 5 you also can use the volume widget near one of the desktop corners; keep an audio file playing in VLC while checking — VLC should then get listed in the »Applications« tab in that widget.

I’ve also found the following articles helpful to fix audio issues:

Hope this helps.

Did you read the appropriate sticky from the top threads in this Multi-media subforum?

And did you then do the “switch to Packman”?

Uninstalling and installing VLC is not advised in those threads AFAIK.

thanks everyone. Now sound working.
step by step this page :