Sound issues with AMD 780G + Nvidia Geforce card

Hi All,

I have openSUSE installed on an AMD 780G chipset based computer. I had installed the ATI drivers and didn’t have any problems with sound or video. I recently added in an Nvidia geforce 9600GT graphics card, and installed the nvidia drivers. (uninstalled ATI drivers).

Everything’s fine, except that on logging in to KDE4, I get a message saying that the HDA ATI HDMI device is not being being recognised.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Thanks very much

Its possible your config for KDE4 is setup to try and use the older ATI HDMI by default, but since it is not set up it is falling back on the sound card instead?

Take a look here, to see if you can find any hints in this post as to how to fix this:
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