Something killed firefox on my install...

Not quite sure what happened, firefox 3.0.5 was working like a champ like it alwas has for me on this install… then I tried to download a file, and a new firefox window opened up as small as you can make it, almost nothing more than a blue thick line or bar, and the file wouldn’t download. So I restarted firefox, or tried to, and now firefox only starts with this tiny little completely shrunk down window, and the window is completely blank, no address bar, no file, edit, etc menus, and closing the window makes the actual browser window with all the functional stuff flash for the briefest moment.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled from yast, I’ve removed the .mozilla directory in my user profile, not sure what else to do though.

Not sure why or how, but a reboot after the uninstall, and subsequently reinstalling worked like a charm… odd.