some taskbar problems

Hi all. I am a Linux noob, so please bear that in mind! I am running opensuse 11.2 KDE, and for some reason on the taskbar all the notificatoin area/clock has moved from the right to the left, and all my open windows aren’t appearing on the taskbar. Is there a quick fix for this? Sorry, this is probably a heaps noob question. :smiley:

I assume you accidentally removed the task manager widget.

Right click the bar. Unlock widgets. Right click again and select add widget. Select Task Manager.

Right click again and select Panel settings. Then you can move the widgets to the order you want them.

Forgot…then right click one more time and LOCK widgets!

thanks mate, appreciated. :slight_smile:

hey, people…
…my taskbar does the same right-to-left thing, also. it’s been doing that even though i’ve been running task manager. it doesnt do it everyday or during every session startup, but it does it enough to be annoying. when this happens, i unlock widgets and add a spacer; after adding the spacer it corrects itself, popping back to the right; then i simply delete the added spacer. although it is very quick to do, i’d very much rather not have to do that…
also, to maximize screen space, i have the taskbar auto-hide; occasionally, when i try to pull it up, it will be stuck down, with only a blue line where the taskbar should be. when this happens, the only way i’ve found to fix it is to logout and log back in. as you can imagine, this becomes very annoying, especially when i’m working on projects–both the stuck taskbar and the relogging are quite counterproductive, taking up unnecessary time…

…i’ve run out of ideas, and have just dealt with it, waiting for a possible update to fix it…
but, if anyone reading this has a solution, if you can help me, i’ll be your best friend! :wink:

btw, i’m running 11.2 and kde 4.3.5.

@Sabaka: your plasma config files may very well be corrupted. Remove them with command below, and rebuild the desktop appearance, since it will return to default appearance. Mind, this does not mean you loose all settings for programs etc, just the desktop appearance.

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasm*
(Then hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill and restart the X-server. On re-login you will have a default KDE4 desktop, with everything in place)

Also be sure you are locking the widgets after you move or configure one. Leaving widgets unlocked can cause this and other problems.

…i always keep my widgets locked. so, i know that isnt it.

…also, @knurpht, that fix seems a little invasive. i mean, i dont want to have to go through the process of rebuilding my whole desktop setup if i dont have to. but, you got me thinking about the corrupt files. so, i went digging through them, and found a couple elements/lines that seemed out of place; it seemed to show that i had a couple links to programs that i either dont use or else have totally deleted from my system. i’ve long removed these elements as part of my desktop setup, but the config files suggested to me that they still remained.

now, i have no real knowledge about these things, and am simply going on common sense. but, i removed those lines from the config files. not sure if this will work out or not. so, i guess i will have to wait and see if the same problem occurs.

thanks for your help…