some kde apps like smplayer and lyx use different themestyle

Hi all,

I’m using opensuse with gnome but I do have some kde apps installed like amarok, smplayer and lyx. With Konqueror I changed the theme-style to donimo because I really like that theme. However this theme doesn’t apply to all apps: smplayer and lyx still use another style, clearlooks by the looks of it. Amarok and Konqueror on the contrary do use donimo. What do I need to change to have all kde-apps use the donimostyle?

Ok I found out why their looks were different. Seems that they use QT-style and not the style of KDE (although I thought kde was using QT:confused:). Anyway when I open up QT4 settings with command qtconfig it lets me change the theme to 5 defaults which are all ugly. The domino style and other styles that do appear in kcontrol like high contrast are not available in qtconfig. I do not see any option in qtconfig to add new themes, so my question is, how is to install new themes?:wink:

It would help to know what version of KDE you are running, as there are themes for each. Also, there are additional themes in the KDE Backports and Community repos, if I remember right, at least for KDE 3.5.9.

I’m not using kde but gnome. I’m using qt 4.4 and kdebase 3.5.9 for some kde apps like amarok. It seems however that some apps use the style specified in kcontrol and others use the style specified in qtconfig. qtconfig is not seeing the same styles that are installed for kde in kcontrol. Is this normal? And how do you add themes to qtconfig?

I think Qt-4 apps can’t use the KDE-3 styles (as the Qt 3 and Qt 4 libraries are not compatible).

I guess Qt-4 apps will use the KDE-4 styles with no problems.

So I need to install kde4 to change the theme of qt4 apps? Or is there an easier way?

At you guessed LyX uses Qt themes, rather than KDE themes.

Why not try LyX | LyX – The Document Processor and see if you can get an answer there?

I assume that, if you can get the answer from them, it will apply to all the other apps that use Qt themes.

Found the solution!

I have to install kde4-themes. You can find some on These themes do appear in qtconfig. Unfortunately there are few of themes for kde4. And the theme I like most (domino) doesn’t exist. But the oxygen theme is a nice alternative.