[Solved] Screen scrolling to the top after last update 11/12/2023

I am having an issue with my screen scrolling up when I move the mouse to the bottom of the desktop. I provided a picture…
I can move the screen back to the bottom by moving the mouse all the way to the top.
Anyone else having this issue?

Apparently that picture doesn’t do it justice , as if it capturing the whole desktop, even when it’s moved to the top like that.

Rebooting fixed it.
(I feel like such a dunce, sorry if I wasted anyone’s time)


Look like an issue I had with KDE and my old GTX660 more than one year ago, sometimes after login the plasma session did not start in the correct resolution and moving my cursor on the bottom of the screen did scroll the desktop like you describe.
When that problem happen restarting plasma was doing the work ( plasmashell --replace ) after that it was fine until the next restart where I had like 1 chance out of 3 to start the session with the problem again.

To KDE’s credit this graphic card always had issues, the BIOS screen did not mach my screen resolution either and live USB of Linux Mint always froze with this GPU …

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I actually logged out and logged back in after the update and that’s when it started. Like I said a quick reboot got everything in working order.

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