[SOLVED] How to add cd drive to wine? (mounted at cdda://sr0)

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“haha okay, had to delete my last post 'cause i was complaining about not being able to load a music cd in a program called WINE (Windows Emulator) on my computer, which is running openSUSE instead of Windows. … i’ve seen no instructions for how to load what’s called /cdda://sr0/ in WINE itself, but i’ve figured it out: what you do is - go into the “Drives” tab of winecfg (or Configure Wine), add a drive (drive letter doesn’t matter so much), then type or copy/paste ** /home/[username here]/.gvfs/cdda mount on sr0 ** (without the asterisks)… click the “Show Advanced” button, change “Type” to “CD-ROM”, then click ok … should work across platforms, since WINE is cross-platform, yeah?”

alright, so … in the tree column of my file manager, i selected the audio cd that was coming up /cdda://sr0, then up in the menu bar i dropped down “Tools” and opened the current folder in terminal. it took a moment for me to think to type the path that terminal was showing me ~/] into the address bar in my file manager. when i did that, it came up /home/[username], and i found the folder .gvfs, then folder "cdda mount on sr0", here by selecting “Show hidden” from my right-click menu.

anyway, it worked for me, and now comes up in all of my WINE programs as E:/ … hope it works for everyone :slight_smile:

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