Software Updates.

Hi new here hope someone can help, we have just setup an open suse11.0 email sever at the school I work at. All was working fine until we did updates and rebooted now we cannot connect to the Citadel webmail Telnet will not ping 25. Like I said all was well until the update.

Is there anyway of going back to before the update on SuSe like a step back.

It’s probably not the update.

Is it that the email server didn’t get automatically started after the reboot?

You may need to enable the service, via YaST module, or possibly create a compatible /etc/init.d script to start the daemon, and use innserv(8) to install the service.

No the service is started ok. All was well until the system updated.Citadel, Webcit and fetchmail are all running even restarted all from command prompt still no go.

Go to YaST Online Update. Select “All Patches”. This will display all the updated packages. Look for any that would apply to the email software or internet connection on your system (there is a description for each in the box below). In the bottom-right box click on the “version” tab. When a patch is selected in the left column, it will be listed in the upper-right box; click on the package in that upper-right side and you will see the version history in the box below. In the list, click on the version that is previous to the one listed from the Updates repository. You will see a green arrow in the upper-right box next to the package name, indicating it is marked for re-installation with the version you selected. Then in the upper-left switch the Filter from Patches to Installation Summary; here you can double-check that only the packages you wanted are those which will be re-installed. After you’ve verified that, click Accept and the older version will be re-installed.