Software Update "Additional confirmation" window expanding beyond bounds of desktop

Greetings everyone,

In openSUSE 11.4, I was just going to install some security updates that I was notified about today.

I’ve received 6 updates (7 by my count), those being zlib, YaST 2 translations, NTP daemon, shared desktop files for openSUSE, openssl libraries, openssl its self, and adobe flash player.

When I try to install them in the Software Update utility, an “Additional confirmation required” window pops up, with essentially the same packages listed twice, but in different orders. On my screen (1024x768), I see the top of the window, but then at the bottom of my screen, I can only see a checkbox reading “Do not show this again”. The OK button appears to have been cut off.

As you can see in the below screen shot, according to the desktop workspace previews in the lower right hand side, the window is definitely stretching outside the bounds of my screen.

Is this a bug that others have experienced? I apologize for the image stretching off screen (how ironic, in a topic for a window boundary issue :P), although I couldn’t seem to get a thumbnail of it.

I noticed this once

So I just ran the update from a terminal

su -
zypper up

I actually don’t use the updater applet anyway. I tend to us
Yast > Software > Software Management
But I use the QT UI - even in Gnome
Switch Yast Interface to QT

The I do this:

If you press the alt key and then left click with the mouse button you can move it to see the ‘ok’ button.

Wonderful O’ MuppetMaster!

Oh, interesting!

Yeah, I ended up using the terminal myself to install the packages, all was fine afterwards.

Looking at your image, I see a place where you can check “Do not show this again”.

Once you check that, you will never again be bothered by this problem.

Incidentally, there’s another thread on the same topic:
updater hiding problem

KDE does not have this particular problem.

KDE does not have this particular problem.

kpackagekit is another story