Software to create transparent Visual QR Codes

Good morning, lovely Geeks out there!** >:)

I’ve been googling my a$$ off since the last three days: To find more developers for one of our current security-projects on GitHub (see signature below), my team and I would like to create a beatutiful VISUAL QR CODE, preferrably with a transparant layer like the ones shown above in this thread. Here is what I want to do: I have the round logo of our App, which is made up of a red background and a white sign. Unfortunately, all generated QR Codes fail to be scannable when I remove their white background and place them on our App logo.
Here are a few generators I’ve found and tested so far:**

  • Visualead QR Code Generator - NOT RECOMMENDABLE: Generated QR contains masked URL with AD from Visualead until registering with a monthly payment plan), also have a look at their creepy Privacy Policy (their terms and conditions are creepy as well): “IMPORTANT: BY USING THE SERVICES (AS DEFINED BELOW) YOU GIVE YOUR CONSENT THAT ALL PERSONAL DATA THAT YOU SUBMIT MAY BE COLLECTED, USED, PROCESSED AND SHARED BY Visualead…”
  • - generates working non-transparent QR Codes with a watermark, they store EVERY preview you generate, so BE CAREFUL! Postive: All aspects of the QR Code are editable, this comes close to what I am searching for. The only thing missing is the feature of generating a visual transparant
    QR Code onto an already existing logo. - QR Design - generates working transparent QR Codes, but neither the picture inside, nor any other design is changeable
  • QR Code Monkey - generates standard QR Codes. Just referencing this to show you want I DON’T

Ok, these are just a few examples, I’ve tried like at least 100 sites and in the end Visualead always turned up in the search. And I start to hate this website, honstely. Just for a quick clarification and to sum it up, here is what I site on the interwebz am really looking for:

  • Completely free of charge
  • Download of QR Code in great high resolution
  • No watermarks
  • No Ads
  • No Redirections
  • No URL masking
  • Completely customizable Design QR Codes
  • Support for transparent visual QR Codes
  • Support for geneation of the code onto existing Image

I know, it seems like a lot I am asking for. But truly, I cannot imagine such service does not yet exist free of charge on the intwebz - so therefore I am shouting out to you as a community to provide some answers or links you’ve already bookmarked yourself. IF there really is no such website free of charge, do you know a linux program for this?

Great contribution!

Speaking of which, I found and tried out, a Free QR Code Generator that generates dynamic QR codes, with the ability to customize them fully and beautify them. QR’s can be download as vectors which is a definite plus. also offers great tools for resellers using URL masking and enabling you to retrieve millions of statistics based on age, gender, interests, mobile devices and more.

All in all, I had a great experience with I needed a little help while building my campaign and gladly their support team got back to me sooner than I expected :slight_smile:

Thanks!!!:good::good::good:Excellent post.
I usually generate qr code with free online qr code generator of download some qr code software which with free trial.
But I prefer the visual qr codes:P.