Software/Application/Package for SUSE - does it work on openSUSE too?

Hi there,

I did a search around but cannot seem to find a definitive answer quickly. May be too obvious, but still I would like to confirm.

Does software / application / package for SUSE - does it work on openSUSE too?

I am asking for the installation of NOD32 Internet Security now, but also for the future. On their website, only SUSE is listed.

Edit: If it matters, I’m running KDE

Leap inherits the basic system from SUSE, so in principle a package running on SLE should run on Leap as well, at least for its basic functions.
But please note that on SLED only Gnome is officially supported, so maybe desktop applets and the like might not be available or might not work properly on KDE.
Since there are active members on the Forum that routinely run both SLE(D) and openSUSE, maybe wait for their confirmation before committing.

I have NOD32 running on an openSUSE box with no issues.

Since it has no kernel dependencies or such it works just fine. It’s pretty memory hungry though but I guess that’s a common thing with most AV software nowadays (~300MB RES)

In general, starting with 15.0, openSUSE and SUSE share a basic architecture that supports same versions of packages.
The software you’re asking about specifically doesn’t specify a version of the supported Linux distros, but it does have 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
openSUSE supports only 64-bit, so select that option (to support 32-bit requires more work than you’d likely want to do).


Hi there! I’ve got a similar question. I use MacOS and this software is Mac compatible. I know that openSUSE software should probably have different code configurations to run on SUSE, but if it runs on Linux in general, it should run on openSUSE as well, right?