So Im Coming back to Linux

Hi all,

its been a while since i was on linux open suse and i decided i would ask a few things before proceeding to come back to a world full of excitement.

Ok so first off does will opensuse fulfill my needs.

  1. I use eMule to download ed2k links alot. Can i install this on opensuse to work as it would in Windows.
  2. I use ConvertXtoDVD - basically this is a program that converts all video files and allows you to create a screen selection for how you want a DVD to look on your tv and also burns the compilation.
  3. Nero. Is this accessable or is there another program for this. Could be better?
  4. Steam - Can i play games via steam?
  5. I do alot of Video, Website and Picture editing via stuff like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. Is there something i can use to do this?

Is it still quite annoying with the installation of programs etc?

Any more info would be appreciative as i have this on download now.

thanking you.

I do not know answers to all of your questions, even though I could say “probably yes”, but I am not sure so I will keep quiet for those.

For following, I know:

  1. Yes. K3b is far-far better (for me) than Nero for what I use it. I use nothing too advanced, but I like K3b more than I ever liked Nero.

  2. Definately yes. Even though I think photoshop is the best software for the job on the planet, there are an excellent alternatives like GIMP and Krita. At the end of the line, there is always option to install Photoshop into WINE (not most recent version,though).
    There are few excellent alternatives to Dreamweaver. I like Quanta Plus, but I always prefer hard-coding by hand everything so I dont need it. I also use FLEX for RIA applications.

For No. 2, I am half sure, but I did see the software that does just that, but I cannot remember the name and I do not know all features.

As for #1: eMule for Linux

and as far as a dreamweaver type thing, take a look at Nvu/Kompozer

You might want to try bluefish (Bluefish Editor : Home) if WYSIWYG is not a priority.

  1. You will probably have to rune Steam via WINE. See:
    Wine AppDB - Steam All Versions

Good luck.


Both Dreamwever 8 and Photoshop CS2 run well in wine these days so no need to change.
I use both all the time