So, Firefox4 RC is released, and is opensuse 11.4 getting the update?

Or, r we just gonna wait for the final release which isnt far away anyways ;p

by the way, on mozilla 's site, i only see i686 source code, im using opensuse 11.4 64bit,so wondering if there is a 64bit version

i prefer having it in the repository, but i can just build it myself :smiley:

I expect it will be updated eventually via the openSUSE Update repo. Don’t know when, so we normally wait patiently…

In my opinion you must be patient. These beta versions are not stable.

For those who are impatient, you may want to try the mozilla:beta repo here. It seemed pretty up to date during development.


YaY! I’d been looking for this last week. Thanks I miss the word beta.

Firefox 4 is released Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: Firefox 4, It Is Done , it’s also in mozilla:beta repo Index of /repositories/mozilla:/beta/openSUSE_11.4

I think it was poor planning to ship 11.4 with a beta version of firefox. Firefox 4 beta RC 12 is terrible. I want to uninstall it.

I deleted it.

sticking with 3.6.15

I like Firefox4 a lot. Really hope Mozilla get’s the final version out by the end of the month. Those guys seem to be the masters of delays.

I updated using this OpenSUSE REPO.
No Beta or RC designations seen in Software Manager
v 4.0.0-3.1 (i586)

Screenie of Help | About

After the upgrade the first time you fire-up firefox it well tell what it is. I just saw it a while ago.
Clicking firefox help it says 4.0

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Man it’s a typo, should be **will:messed: