smplayer / mplayer & remote files

I have mentioned this in another thread elsewhere but perhaps this is a better location.

In Opensuse 11.3 I was able to play files on my NAS drive from within smplayer over samba shares or ftp.
I would simply use dolphin to browse to the file on the nas drive (either through samba or ftp protocol), double click the .avi file and it would load smplayer and begin playing immediately.

In 11.4 I have samba set up using the same smb.conf file
However, if I double click the .avi file it copies the entire contents to the local computer before launching smplayer.
If I use smplayer’s file selector and navigate to the file on the samba share I get the message “you can only select local files”
This is a different behaviour to that from 11.3
However, using the ftp protocol from within dolphin smplayer launches immediately and begins playing.

smplayer is launched using the shortcut command

smplayer %U

Does anybody have any suggestions on a workaround or how to correct?

Using kaffeine I have no problems. Double click the file on the nas drive and kaffeine launches immediately and begins playing.

bit of an update on this . . .

Installed VLC and this plays content immediately without caching to local computer so it seems the problem is certainly related to smplayer / mplayer.
Have no idea where to start to investigate / solve the problem though so any help is very welcome.

It seems that since KDE 4.5 non native KDE4 apps need the line


added to their .desktop files.

This line is missing from the smplayer .desktop files
smplayer_enqueue.desktop in /usr/share/applications/
smplayer.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications

adding the missing line to the above files clears the problem right up.

see here for more info