smplayer how to install

Hey I wish to know how install smplayer, I just downloaded from SMPlayer - Downloads and I choose the file smplayer-0.6.9.tar.bz2 (1.64 MB) and the problem is I can’t install it… can anybody help me… I have OpenSuSE 11.2 with KDE and I’m totally newbie I don’t know anything about linux so… I’m here to learn. so please drop by drop to don’t get me crazy.
thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forums. Things work a little bit easier than you think. openSUSE works with repositories for software. These are folders on an internet server, where the software installer downloads and installs from.
SMPlayer can be found in the Packman repo. Please first follow Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums that our valued member oldcpu wrote. It will bring your system to full multimedia capability.
After doing so, start the software installer, search for ‘smplayer’, tick it for install, accept, done.

Simply extracting a tarball (which you downloaded) is nog enough to get it working. AFAIK these are the sources, that you have to compile yourself.

Remember: linux is not windows. Meaning: don’t think that things don’t work, they may work a bit different.

Actually, caf4926 wrote that, … I just posted it for him. And its a great guide.

What is important to know here with software on openSUSE is a new user should avoid at all costs trying to install a tar.gz file. Instead, install .rpm files. And install those files with a Software package manager direct from repositories (file servers on the internet) and not from the developer’s web sites.

Here is a link to some basic openSUSE Linux concepts: Concepts - openSUSE