smplayer after update

Not sure if anybody has a solution to this - but did an update to smplayer with latest from packman repo.

There is one thing I do not like about the latest update . . .
The skip forward and back buttons used to all show on the interface side by side (10 sec, 1 min, 10 min).
As of the latest update these buttons are now in a dropdown box so only one button at a time shows in the gui.

I’d really like to find a way to switch back to all buttons side by side - it was one thing I really really liked about smplayer.

Whether there is a gui tweak or I need to go back to an older version???

If I need to go back to n older version where would I find it?

It’s explained here: smplayer » How to customize the toolbars

Just replace rewindbutton_action with rewind3, rewind2, rewind1 and forwardbutton_action with forward1, forward2, forward3.


That’s exactly what I was after.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@ rvm
nice to see you here! i am ‘disturbedite’ on ubuntuforums. i jumped ship to opensuse and test 11.1 with kde 4.1. i still do everything i can to promote smplayer.