smb4k authentication issue?

I’ve been working on this a few days now. SMB4k has no problems browsing my network, when I click to mount a share it prompts for the username/password (which I provide, and has been verified), and it re prompts for the username/password (this is immediate). No errors, nothing.

The ‘My Computer’/Konqueror Network browse has no issues what so ever, it prompts for the password, and once provided, I am logged in and able to see and utilize all my files. However this doesn’t create a mount point to be used.

I am using the OpenSuSE 11.2 RC2 btw…

Any thoughts/ideas?

Konqueror use KIO to access samba shares (and other files). I’m not sure, but I believe KIO does not mount shares in order to access shared files. So, everything is fine.

You can use smbmount to mount shares manually.

I am able to mount the shares manually via:

mount -t cifs //linuxsrv/share /home/######/linuxsrv/share -o username=myusername

‘smbmount’ does not exist on my system. I’ve looked actually to find which package it might be in (and subsequently installed like every samba package known to man), and cannot find it anywhere. (find / -name ‘smbmount’).

Any other idea’s to make smb4k work? I suppose I could just write a simple shell script to map the shares I need, but it would be kind of cool to use the software actually meant for it. shrug

Thanks for your reply plagijator! =)