SMB File path notation not support by some apps

I just started with a fresh openSUSE LEAP 42.1 install. In the past I mainly used Ubuntu, therefore I’m not familiar with the KDE world.
I successfully managed to access my Synology Diskstation NAS smb volumes with Dolphin.
It seems that the files are referred using some URL notation e.g. “smb://@diskstation/home/movie.MOV”. This doesn’t look wrong to me, however some applications I have used in the past, are unable to access files that way. One example is VLC which shows the following error if I try to open a video file directly from the share:

Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'smb://@diskstation/home/movie.MOV'. Check the log for details.

The same video can be opened if I copy the file to a local folder first.
I guess it’s a problem of such application not to support this kind of file path. However with Ubuntu there’s an alternative notation for the SMB shares, like ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=diskstation,share=home/movie.MOV’ which is supported by these applications. Is there a similar thing possible with KDE and openSUSE?

It’s definitely possible with any modern Linux distro. Some options include :

-- You can use autofs to mount your share only when you use it( meaning  an application try to acces it). It only will work when you are at home .  It is not mounted automatically at start up

-- You can use vlc  ou Dragon Player to play a file ( more likely a video) from a shared  folder which is not mounted ( browse your shares from the network folder  in dolphin for example)

-- Amarok can acces i-tunes music  shares. You can set this kind of share from the synology manager. Then  open amarok and you collection will show up. The problem here is that I  am not sure you can get album cover in amarok.

I think what you had on Ubuntu was autofs but this is just a guess on my part.

Thank you. I will have a look at autofs.

No problem. Let us know if this is what you were looking for.

I highly doubt that autofs has anything to do with the issue. Autofs is used on the server side when you want to serve a block device and the file system must be universally acceptable.

IMO the most likely problem(s) might be:

  • The hostname isn’t resolvable. Ping diskstation. If “diskstation” returns unresolvable, then use an IP address instead or configure your Hosts file.
ping diskstation
  • The proposed command specifies the SMB protocol. Is SAMBA/CIFS installed on both machine? No? Then you can’t specify that protocol. And the command also requires a network share(not considered a “volume” unless it’s mounted as a block device which is not how smb remote resources are normally served) with proper permissions and name resolution.

The following assumes that
Server Message Block (smb) aka CIFS is the supported protocol,
“diskstation” is a resolvable network hostname,
“home” is the sharename on the server and
“movie.MOV” is the file name.

  • Remember that on *NIX all names are case sensitive.
  • I doubt that “@” should be specified as part of the servername. Try removing it (again, you still will need smb support) and try again. The “@” is typically used when also providing credentials to login to the network share and in that case would also require a username and password

The alternative path you describe running in Ubuntu can also be found in other OS like openSUSE, but is not necessarily better in any way.


Did you read this ? :slight_smile:
“I successfully managed to access my Synology Diskstation NAS smb volumes with Dolphin.”
How would it work in doplhin if hostname would be unresolvable ?

That might be due to a quirk in how Dolphin might interpret that “@” symbol and wouldn’t be resolvable by any other app.

At least, I haven’t seen that “@” standing alone without a username and possible password. All the URI I create specify the machine’s hostname without the “@”