Smart: error in parsing XML from repositories

Smart has some trouble lately with repositories giving error in parsing XML from repository files that he downloads.
I do not know if this is an application error or there is something wrong in repository files.

Anyone expiriencing the same?
(it happens on my work suse, on my home desktop and laptop, all running suse 11.0)

Loading cache...
error: Invalid package file header (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>)
error: Invalid XML file:
error:   /var/lib/smart/channels/smart%%http:__download.opensuse.org_repositories_smart_openSUSE_11.0_repodata_repomd.xml
error:   mismatched tag: line 5, column 2

Smells like that something has gone seriously wrong in the repos, since more than one computer has the same issue. I’ve also experienced this issue using smart on OpenSuSE 10.2.

Yea, I think someone screwed up with the xml file.

However, I do not know to who to complain :frowning:

IMHO I think that the service on the Build Service from OpenSuSE has gone south due to a hardware or software error. The most likely is the case of a software error.

it’s getting worse every passing day. Now amost all files have XML problem.

Deleting the corrupt files in /var/lib/smart/channels may fix your problem. It did for me a few weeks ago when Smart updates failed due to a fault in my Internet connection.

I think part of the problem is that a corrupt XML file on one’s machine “poisons” subsequent attempts at updating, even after the problem has been fixed at the server. That’s just speculation though.

To me that line seems correct. Perhaps de XML parser only accepts UTF-8 encoding?
In any case, the error is given after “loading cache”. The repos aren’t updated. So I would just “rm -f /var/lib/smart/channels/*” to delete the cache and then a “smart update” will regenerate it.

so where do I get new channels list now? if that old (for suse 11.0) are corrupted?
What channel list did you used?