Slowroll update removed KDE 5 Display Configuration

Today’s update to Slowroll has removed the KDE Display Resolution screen.

Bug report: 1222164 – Slowroll update removed ability to set KDE Plasma Display Resolution

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Better to move back to the previous version and wait a bit. A lot of packages fail to build, kscreen6 is just one of them. The updates shouldn’t have been released like that.

I don’t see any way of moving back to the previous version.

YaST shows the following version 5.27 kscreen packages still installed:

  • kscreen5 (5.27.10)
  • kscreen5-plasmoid (5.27.10)
  • kscreenlocker (5.27.11)
  • kscreenlocker-lang (5.27.11)
  • libKScreenLocker5 (5.17.11)

libkscreen6-plugin (6.0.2) is also installed.

This is what the software information currently shows:

I can see in the bug report that you solved the issue. Maybe you can post your solution here as well, so others can see it as well.

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The bug report has now been assigned, but it remains open.

To temporarily fix this:

zypper in libkscreen2-plugin -libkscreen6-plugin

will remove the Plasma 6 plugin and install the Plasma 5 plugin.

However, a subsequent zypper dup, wants to revert this change, so I am leaving the currently-installed packages as they are, until a suggested action in Comment # 6 of the bug report, is completed.

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You can get otherwise fully up-to-date with zypper dup by first doing

zypper al libkscreen2-plugin

which will prevent zypper from trying to remove libkscreen2-plugin. There might be other Plasma packages that require similar zypper package locking to prevent breakage and/or removal.

I have a very long list of locks designed to keep Plasma 5 and KDE 5 apps in place until upgrade fallout seems to have dwindled to near nothing or better.

I don’t want to play around with too many things, I’d rather suspend using Slowroll, per my post above.

The bug report has been closed as RESOLVED, with a remedy in place, temporarily adding libkscreen6-plugin to the never-update-exceptions, until the next upcoming version-bump.

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