Slowroll and kernel longterm - how can I stay on longterm kernel

Hi everyone. I had to give up Tumbleweed for the new 6.7.x.x Kernels which created problems with my hardware. I would like to ask: how do I update Slowroll only with longterm kernels? I’m fine with upgrading the rest but I would like to upgrade while keeping the longterm kernel. Thanks in advance

Hello, I am on Tumbleweed and don’t know the repository struture of Slowroll, but I just did a little test and installed and booted the longterm-kernel from Slowroll in my Tummbleweed.

So, if
sudo zypper lr -d
doesn’t return that you have the kernel-repository already installed, you can add it with
sudo zypper ar Kernel-Slowroll
The name “Kernel-Slowroll” in the end of this command is just the name for this repo on my system, you can chose whatever you like “Kernel” or something like that.

Then refresh your repo database and accept the imported keys
sudo zypper ref

After that you can install the longterm kernel with
sudo zypper in kernel-longterm

Then reboot and select the longterm kernel in grub to boot into it (I think it’s advanced options or something like that in grub)

Check if you booted the longterm kernel (with uname -r or inxi -S)

When everything works correctly you can remove the default kernel with
sudo zypper remove kernel-default
I assume that the name of the default kernel package is the same like on Tumbleweed.

After that you should be able to update in the usual way and stick with the longterm kernel.

To answer the question from @Keyran17
The longterm kernel in Slowroll is in the standard update repo (no additional repo is needed. Please don’t add the repo mentioned by 404). So you only need to chose kernel-longterm in YaST software. After a successfull boot with kernel-longterm, you may remove the kernel-default and taboo.

The Slowroll repos should be known to you:

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thanks. thank you very much

@hui @404_UsernameNotFound
I would like to ask, sorry for the insistence, for the management of the virtualbox VMs should I install the guest dependencies from the Oracle manufacturer’s ISO? or should I wait for direct slowroll support? Thank you

Virtualbox guest additions are already in Slowroll kernel. The Slowroll build factory people add them to the repos - not the Virtualbox maintainers.

All OpenSUSE iso’s have the 6.0.0 guest as part of the install for the guests so that should be present on any guest install.

If you press the right ctrl key and N key at the same time you can see what guest kernel version you have installed.

The Tumbleweed code is the same as the Slowroll code. It needs Factory to release it to Slowroll.

My slowroll guest is installing 3545 in todays dup 2/15/24.

Hi @larryr thanks for your support.
I installed kernel-longterm and uninstalled kernel-standard. By uninstalling kernel-standard the virtualbox guest addictions are also removed… So I no longer have, for example, the copy/paste functionality from host to guest. Thanks

You need to fill out a bugzilla report on that problem.