Slideshow for KDE4.2!

What I like to do is use pictures and movies in one slideshow, maybe I can use Gwenview or is there a
better software out for SUSE.:\

Thank you for giving me hand.


I imagine you’re used to powerpoint then?
You might want to try out the impress application that comes with the OpenOffice package. Should be installed by default.

There’s also kpresenter which doesn’t come installed by default, but it should be in the repositories.

I used free movie maker from bill gates(microsoft) or I download free software I dont know the name and that software got about over 280 slide movement. But Im now in SUSE why not use one of the SUSE slideshow software like you told me.

Thnx you are very big help.


In packman repo
look for qtrecordmydesktop, that will do a video record.

Snapshots can be compiled with a number of applicationd - eg; dvdslideshow