Sles with multimedia

SLES looks a good solution to my customer’s needs. I’d go there if

a) I want lxqt desktop. Google says yes but how?
b) I must have multimedia. GST and vlc to playback mp4. Is sles nto a good fit for my needs?


You’re best advised to reach out to SLES Forums…

I tried their 60 day offer. In general I think SLES is for the great unwashed. There is so much they don’t provide, no doubt perfect for a corporate office server but not for anyone who wants to stomp in the mud.
The No Registration version of SLED does not offer lxqt and their 60 day trial does not cover SLED so no trying is possible.
I’ve no doubt that one ‘can’ do lots but why start with both hands tied.
So not a good solution as postulated, will wait for 15-5 GM 15-4 was a diaster (so many things did not work)

Your opening comments were about SLES, but these are the openSUSE Forums. Not clear to me what you’re after here.

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