skype keeps waiting for service to start (on onstall)

installed the 32 bit packages for skype on opensuse 12.1 from this downloaded the 32 files for skype

downloaded the skype for opensuse clicked on it hit continue typed in my password for root, then program hangs on install license agreement required at top of install while it waits for service to start, just keeps going and never moves on from that part of install

here is what it looks like when it hangs

Here is a photo of what it looks like

same thing happening when trying to install google earth. it seems something wont let me install downloaded rpm packages? i hit the agree and download and started downloading google earth now the install gets stuck at the same point license agreement required

answer at

To install .rpm packages without any issues.

“For people who are new to opensuse the complete path is: start menu - > Applications -> Configure Desktop - > File Associations -> Search for rpm -> Select x-rpm under application -> In Application Preference Order select “Install/Remove Software” and click “Move Up” until it’s on the first position in this list.”

You rock. :good:

Thank you very much for your suggestion. but it only works on kde.
can you suggest something for gnome? even if I tried to open any rpm file with “Install/Remove Software” it shows the same problem.