sip and voipbuster


i tried to use my voipbuster account with many sip program

kcall, ekiga, twinkle, kiax without success none seem to work

somebody is able to use his voipbuster account under linux?
what software do you?
how to settup it?


voipbuster is a company of many other names, I use

I use it with a sip gateway

The instructions are here:

Works brilliantly
I pay out about 20 euros a year and it covers ALL my phone calls, anywhere and to any device.

i already checked this web page, tried will all software i specified… not able to connect with some… some other sound was not working…

what sip sofware do you use?

It shouldn’t matter what SIP device you use.
But hang on…

Mine is not available now,this is the successor

i use want to use a software to do pc to phone call… and use my voipbuster account under linux…

Not sure this is possible.

Maybe using Virtual Box and running a XP session

I use voipbuster with Ekiga under 11.2.
Unfortunately I’m not connected from home now, but later I’ll post you my configuration.


ok thanks, i’m waiting your answer