Since last KDE:Unstable update, startplasma-wayland unusably slow; startx is not

Per 1212275 – Since last KDE:Unstable update, startplasma-wayland unusably slow; startx is not.,

Using Wayland since yesterday’s update is impossible since it’s now ridiculously slow, whereas X isn’t. I’m using the KDE:Unstable repositories.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Do you mean it is slow to start (after login from the display manager)? Are you using SDDM?

What happens if instead you start it from a tty like this (log in to VT as user)

dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland
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I have the same issue and had to rollback. For me, wayland was lagged and could barely logout, meanwhile x11 would put my CPU to 30% for no reason and had bugs in the interface. I know i had some trouble installing the new update with mesa not getting the right packages and throwing errors.

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I’ve been using startplasma-wayland from the TTY due to 1207906 – Wayland crashes when automatic authentication via SDDM with Wayland is enabled. combined with Can't save preferences in kcm_sddm - Help - Discuss.

Yes, per the aforementioned.

Gimme a sec (Can't run KDE in two TTYs simultaneously - Help - Discuss)

@rokejulianlockhart now you understand the reason for the repository name ‘UNSTABLE’?

I suspect you will see a won’t fix on your bug report…

That’s unhelpful, I always knew. I use it specifically so I can report bugs.

@deano_ferrari, the result is identical. Do you want the script -a log?

@rokejulianlockhart the openSUSE Plasma developers are busy on stable… little time to look at unstable…

Unstable is literally where they develop. I’ve caught bugs in the source by using it many times. If you want my history I can prove it. I’m no software developer, so it’s the best I can do.

Do you want to incentivise me to not report bugs? I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s merely a good faith warning to not get my hopes up, I’m thankful, but it’s unnecessary.

@rokejulianlockhart upstream them (as in openSUSE bug reports will probably not be looked at)…

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No, best to keep the report upstream. Not much we can do from here, except share it to let others know.

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Yes, good call Malcolm.

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Will do, @malcolmlewis and @deano_ferrari. Thanks for the assistance, you two.