Simple RPM file problem? But Super GUI!

Well you guys helped me fix my GUI and I’m now happily typing this message in FireFox on OpenSUSE. Whaaay!

My problem is I’ve downloaded Lazurus ( A pascal development tool for Linux ) as an RPM file but it’s asking which application to use?

Before I destroyed my GUI, this used to just install RPM files automatically but it no longer recognises the associations.

Do I have to reconfigure these in somewhere?

Secondly, what are the best tutorial options for moving from M$ XP to OpenSUSE? If any? I pretty much want to use OpenSUSE on a full time basis and for my kids to use, so need to get myself re-educated.


You should be able to open the RPM with YaST.

I think i had some issues insalling rpm files by clicking on them if they were at desktop.
Copy the rpm file to a directry other than desktop( eg. /home/user/rpm/).
Another thing that u can do which needs some time to spend, is to add at yast a local repository from your hard drive eg /home/user/localrepo/ and then enable it.In that way u will find at yast by typing the package name, any rpm package u add at that local folder.

As far as the second part of your qustion is conserned, i would recomend to make a list of every single application that each family mebers uses and find/install and use the appropriate applications at opensuse.Dont hesitateto ask any additional questions

right click also does not give the options ?

Try in console type
rpm --help
and see the options for installing rpm

I prefer this method:
(run as root in terminal)

in case of installing:
rpm -ivh name_of_package.rpm

in case of upgrading:
rpm -Uvh name_of_package.rpm

if not sure do you have program or not, use upgrade way, it will install it if doesnt exists.

Wow. Fantastic support. Thank you everyone.

All the options worked as suggested.

The one I finalised on was moving the RPM to a folder then browsing the folder gave a button at the top with “Install with YAST”, which also means I keep the RPMS organised on the drive. Weird how the click option stopped working, but it’s of no consequence.

I’m looking forward to porting my old delphi applications over to Linux!

Any good links and guides to OpenSUSE / Linux will be gratefully received.

I’ve already started using the project management and offices tools for work. Just got to work on the management to get me a Linux mini-laptop.